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About the Album

I gave my life when I was young,  and was in my understnading born again, but my idolatry, like that of Israel, caused me to to shipwreck. I am removing songs from this album, because now with greater knowledge of the scriptures, and a closer walk with my God, I am ashamed of them. As I look at this life now, I realize thought I went to church I was not a disciple of Jesus, because I looked nothing like Him. He who calls himself a believer should walk as he walked. Read 1 John. I leave this up in the hopes you may be encouraged to question your own walk with God and read the scriptures for yourself. The church is oftern too happy to accept you the way you are, when Yeshua might say: "Depart from me you workers of lawlessness." 



Because I was still young, unschooled and reckless


Tony  Drake
We met in the army and so some of the recordings that have piano in them, would be him, recorded in our early 20's. Thank Tony for your incredible gift and years of friendship.

All Songs © Gerald Sharp

All rights reserved

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