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About the Album

Reckless, ipitomizes my YOUNG teenage and adult life. Starting out with a pure desire for spiritual truth, but struggling with the flesh. 

While a new album in terms of putting some songs in a collection, it is the oldest album of all. Some songs are originals from recordings made in my bedroom in the home of my parent's or in a restaurant, )like the Hard Rock Cafe in Rondebosch, owned then by my brother, John.)  There are at least two professionally recorded songs also. 
I love that all songs were recorded to tape. In spite of the distortions I here, the tape sound which is unmitakingly pleasing. I am not sure that any plugin really does tape like tape to date.

Here you get look at a 60s/70's teenager, who has grown up with The Beatles, Elton John, James Taylor, Crosby Stills, Bob Dylan, and later the Eagles etc., trying to make Christian Music, but fighting the moral pull of some of those influences. 

I hope also, to add to this work in progress, and include some original songs from my youngest songwriting days, captured on 'scribbled pieces of paper'! I intend for them to be as close to the original feel as I can.  

The title, RECKLESS, is because that is what I was. Sometimes, I knew what was right, but my flesh got the better of me. At other times, I just did not know how do things right. On occasion I felt I was really in the spirit of God.

Anyway, I hope at the end you will see the progression from a reckless young man to a more mature person. The biggest dip is the inbetween years and then I hope you can see how God broke through is able to change, for the better, those he saves. 



Because I was still young, unschooled and reckless


Tony  Drake
We met in the army and so some of the recordings that have piano in them, would be him, recorded in our early 20's. Thank Tony for your incredible gift and years of friendship.

All Songs © Gerald Sharp

All rights reserved

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