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As those who dreamed

Gerald Sharp

Photo © Pete Stacey

About the Album

"As those who dreamed"


As this Pete Stacey photograph depicts joy, so I hope that some of these songs, will also enourage you to joy. Sometimes we have to see it and believe it is coming before it actually does. Othertimes it just surprises us. What we must never do, is lose the hope that it will be ours again. For by love and faith, God gives joy and makes all things possible and will make all things beautiful in His time. We should all cultivate childlike faith.


NOTE - The album has two medleys, so it is a little longer that it looks below.



All Music © Gerald Sharp

Unless otherwise stated, all music on this site is copyright Gerald Sharp and all rights are reserved.


Pete Stacey Photography.

Thank you, Pete, for letting me use your incredible photograph, "Kids",  for this collection of songs. 


God says, "Use what you have in your hand" and "Do not despise the day of small beginning." 

I thank God for this album, humble as it is, for it is a collection of my first spiritual songs from the world of God. I  am happy, to be His songbird. I credit him and declare from his word: "All my springs are in you."



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