Grampa & Twee Bourke - 1
Sir Richard Southwell Bourke is the
oldest ancestor we know of on Gran's side of the family.
The Bourke Crest hung in his home
Mayo Estates was his beautiful farm
We loved to walk down to this bridge
Here we would play Pooh Sticks, to see whose stick would come out from under the bridge first
Here is grandpa as wee knew him
He is sitting with Davie McLennan, my cousin.
Tom, Grandpa, Meg, Twee, parents & .
Tom Bourke then "Mem" is just in front of my Grandpa and Twee, his wife is holding "Chuku", Maureen McLennan, my mom's step sister and my aunt. Twee's parents are above right, "Grandpa and Grapaire."
Young Bernard Bourke
was to become Gran's Father, Bernard Bourke.
"Mem", my mom and "Chuku"
We were having a braai that day on the farm, Mayo Estates, Eastern Transvaal, up from Schagen, at Croc Motel.
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