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Gossip in Egypt! Social media debate.

We can surmise that Ramases the second, the only Pharoah mentioned in the bible, and Joseph, the son of Jacob/Israel, were friends. After all, Joseph, was put in charge of all Pharoah's business. You would think that Joseph may have told the Egyptians about how he was sold into slavery by his brothers. And when his brother's came in desperation to Egypt for food, you would again suspect that something may have been recorded of his comments to Pharoah about this. But the evidence seems to point to the fact that Joseph said nothing. It is likely that he was protecting his family, and perhaps even more, the image of Israel and the God of Israel, in the eyes of the Egyptians. Such was the excellent spirit of Joseph, whom we would do well to emulate, don't you think? Love covers a multitude of sins. I will say it again. Love covers. It has made me once again, consider the way believers debate over social media, for all to see and how they feel comfortable these days to downgrade their brother's in front of others. Nothing wrong with debate. But how one debates, is important. I, myself, determine from this day, to do as the lady in the picture above, and retire from all forms of discussion that do not protect and promote the image of others. May Yahweh help me, by the grace that it is mine, through Yeshua Ha Machiach. If you find that I am not living up to this code of conduct, please confront me. I will thank you.

I like to relate my blogs to a song I have written. "God is love", seems to be the most appropriate.

God is love

Album: Ordinary Men Embraced Raven Rain (Gerald Sharp, Nick Coetzee and Barry Snyman)


I may be skilled in the words of righteousness

Know all the right scriptures off by heart

But if I have not love

Am I not nothing .......

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