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I Love Clivia Time

I guess that is a little like saying: I love spring. And yes, who does not? Whether you are a bird or a bee, a human or a tree, everything seems to come out to bloom.

Its new season. What will we make of it? It is almost as if someone is shouting from the heavens: It is going to be alright. Fear not. Its a good day. And you know what. The one who made the seasons, is shouting that. He shouts it to you and me, every spring.

Do you need hope? You will find it in Him. Do you need healing? You will find it in Him.

Are you are full of anxiety or depression? Find new hope in the God of all hope.

What He made, He can fix.

Is there a fee for this?

Yes there is. It has already cost Him everything. He emptied heaven, and endured the cross, so he could give you SPRING! You have a plan A in him. A hope and a future. Just believe in Him and receive His gift. Your forgiveness at the cost of his son's death on the cross. Immediately you will be translated into the Kingdom of heaven from the kingdom of darkness and despair. Then step by step, and as you listen and obey, He will take you out of the hole you yourself or others have dug for you. It is called salvation and it refers to wholeness in everything. Shalom.

Do I have a song? What about this one:

Track 3 from Ordinary Men Embraced


by Raven Rain

You set me free from diseases

Set me free from my pain

Set me free from my sin

And all of its claim

You set me free from the future

Set me free from the past

Set me free in the present that was dark and overcast

Thank you Jesus

You came into my life

You set me free from

All of Satan's lies

I've been born of the spirit

I've been washed in the word I was down in the belly Now I'm up like a bird

To the bosom of my Father

Through the son whom I adore


I can really testify to the truth of this song in my own life. If you want to know more. Open a conversation and we can chat about it.

Have a lovely day


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