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I was infatuated With the beauty I saw

Thats how I started

To open this door

I'd been rejected

Because I'd been drunk

By three pretty ladies who ran from a skunk

Her beauty I needed

Pursued till I conquered

Then walked out the door

And what was the reason

I discovered a flaw.

I am not that man anymore

I repent for those I left on the floor

Now I know His mercy Love His perfect law.

About the Song

I was lost - Album: She's so beautiful Full album details and credits can be found here.

"I was lost", was written and recorded in my Bird In A Tree Home Studio in 2015. Expressing the frustration of life lived outside of obedience to God, it was a reflective song, relating back to my experience in my early and in-between years, so I have added it to the YOUNG category. I hope you like it. Why "crash and burn", when you can fly like a bird on the wings of mercy and truth?


Album Cover - Photograph by Bernard Voges.

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