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Is God's love unconditional?

Is God's love unconditional?

I would say it is, but not in the way that most people are perceiving it today and my conclusion may surprise you.

As the scripture teachers, he lets the rain fall on the just and unjust alike. It was also while we were yet sinners that the scripture tells us Christ died for us. He died for the Jew who cried out crucify him and the Roman soldier who spat in his face and for the criminal on his left and the one on his right. Yet to only one of these criminals did he say, today you will be with me in paradise.

Till the day you die and even beyond that, He will be loving you. A human Father may love his foolish son or daughter, longing for them to see the error of their ways and listen to wisdom, so that they will not get hurt. So God also continues to love and never stops loving, no matter what we do, because he is love. Yet, even as that human father can often not save a wayward son or daughter from the consequence of their sins, so God's unconditional love does not mean that nobody goes to hell, suffers cancer, the pain of broken relationships and other tragic consequences of sin. God wants to and can save us, but does not! Why? Because no matter how much he loves us, he needs our co-operation to save us. He gave all men freedom to love him or freedom to hate him. Depending on our choices he gets involved or does not. It is He who opens the door of salvation and cries to us through the cross to come in, but it is us who choose to respond or not.

So, what must we do to be saved? Fortunately scripture answers this question.

It is easy to see the place of believing in the above scriptures, but easier to miss the fact that the first scripture is about faith receiving power to become something and the 2nd scripture is answering a how to do the works of God question. Scripture clearly teaches in James, that faith without works is dead.

In the book of Hebrews we also see that faith results in doing something.

So faith is key, but this scripture implies that faith does something. It seeks God. If you are not seeking him, do you really have faith?

​​The book of Pau lto the Phillipians in the following scripture also shows us that our part is to simply believe, but that our believing results in something. God worthing his good pleasure in or through us.The point I am trying to make is that whichever way you look at it, faith and believing is not something that leaves you the way you were. You change.

Would you agree that God's good pleasure is likely the opposite of Satan's?

Aleister Crowley, author of the Satanic Bible and the so called Book of the Law says: "THERE IS NO LAW BEYOND DO WHAT YOU WILT" In other words, LAWLESSNESS.

The Word of God, in the Bible, as you can expect says the opposite:



In this scripture Jesus / Yeshua the Jew, is quoting from the Torah. First (Deuteronomy 6 and then Leviticus 19:18, regarding loving one's neighbour. These are not even the from the ten commands (God's loving instructions), as we see in the next scripture:

Here Jesus responds to a question "What shall I do to inherit eternal life?" Some would say that this was before the cross and that after the cross the law was abolished. So they render our Saviours own words to be a pointless statement. We should, in my opinion, give credence to the fact that God was in fact in Christ, and that in a voice from heaven told us to listen to him. He knew what he came for and was preaching towards it. The new covenant in his blood is all about writing the law / Torah on our hearts, not doing away with it. The main difference between the old and the new covenant is that we now have a lamb slain, once and for always, taking care of our failure to keep it, giving us the ability to immediately get up, and after confessing our sin, practice righteousness again. This is what results in unbroken fellowship with God and results in even our guilt removed. But also and most important, it results in the law being written on our hearts by the spirit, in accordance with our faith. If instead we treat grace as the death of Christ as something cheap, thinking we can just continue in our sins, we are in great danger.

And this in spite of the fact that:

Some also quote from Romans:

While it is vital to understand that without faith it is impossible to please God and that trying to please him by keeping the law, without faith is futile and can result in a curse rather than salvation, close examination of this scripture, also reveals that the greek renders it, "Christ is the goal (the end) of the law for righteousness for them that believe." Those who understand Old English, would understand that goal and end in this instance means exactly the same thing. So Christ has bought us the grace not to miss the mark, by trying to keep the law as those who are under the law, but he is also saying that his spirit within us results in us doing his good pleasure, and that by writing his law on our hearts we will. When we remember the law of Moses and do not discard it, we actually look into a mirror and are changed from one degree of glory to another.

From these few scriptures then it is clear to see that we need to have faith in God, who will then do his pleasure through us, as we seek him in faith, and this will result in our doing His commandments, which are His good pleasure. He never desires to do away with them, but rather to write them on the hearts of all who believe. We need to be careful not to end up listening to the teaching of those whose doctrines encourage the commandments of men, rather than those actually written in scripture. All this is a far cry from a licentious gospel of grace, to which Paul in Romans says:


Even Galatians starts making sense, in the light of this that we should finish the race by faith, not being bewitched, by attempting to gain salvation through works or the doctrines of men. The Judaizers were demanding that for salvation, circumscision and perhaps other customs were a requirement, whereas salvation actually comes from the blood of the lamb that was slain and that alone.

CONCLUSION So what I am ultimately saying is this. If you want to be saved, it is only the blood, but blessing in this life and the next comes from how well you believe and practice righteousness. To love God clearly has to do with being obedient to him and his commands which are the commandments given to Moses by his Father, YHWH. His love is not conditional, but your response to his love dictates how you will live in this life and will likely impact on your eternity in some way. For as the scripture says:

I think it worth noting that this scripture comes from Daniel Ch 12, one of the most pertinent scriptures to do with the last days, which I believe we are now living in, a time which as already said, is pointed by scripture as being characterised by lawlessness.

I trust is is now abundantly clear, that POSITIONAL RIGHTEOUSNESS, as taught by so many today, is only half the story.

​​Finally, we should all do this:

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