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Just one law - What the cross means

Do we need another message like this? I really think we do. We need clarity, in a world of confused theology. Perhaps you already see it just like this. I hope so, but if not, I hope this clears it up for you, as it seems clear to me. I welcome any comment.


The central beam points me to look up. At the foot, he is the alpha, the source and beginning of my life. At the top he is my Omega, my end, the goal of my life. To be conformed to the One who is love. This gives me perspective for everything.

The cross beam points me to you, my neighbour, and reminds me of just how much our Saviour loves us, that He would actually be willing to die for our sins. So we should love one another also.


It reminds me of the "10 sayings" or commandments, which some like to call "the loving instructions." The first of these commandments, like a school teacher, explains how, practically, I can love my creator. The latter group, teach me how to love my neighbour as myself. Even in these basic pointers all men have fallen short and missed the mark, even as Adam and Eve, with their simple disobedience regarding just one tree, so that they ate the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

One Law - The Way back to the Garden!

It is then amazing to me, as I consider that the one one who fulfilled the whole law perfectly, died upon the cross and so, in that sense, the whole law died also. This was necessary, that perfect obedience to our Father should die, to make a way back to the garden for us, where an angel was placed, with a two edged sword, to guard or protect the way back to the garden. The two edge sword, is well understood to be "the word of God" and "the word of God" became flesh and dwelt among us. Then He, the son died on the cross, but was raised from the dead. The very obedience to the law which died, rose again with the same obedience. Why would he change? And now we are given, once again, just one law. Believe. When we believe, we receive the spirit of the Father and the son, which is one with the word of God. The same spirit of obedience, not just the school teacher's rules, wonderful and good, as they are, but the spirit of love itself, that goes way beyond the rules of how to love. Now we understand, through the revelation of Christ, that we should not only, not commit adultery, but not even look at a woman with lust. Love keeps the law and beyond, because by believing, we are opening the door to our saviour, who is the door and receiving the very spirit and nature of the living God, who is love, YHWH.

FOOTNOTE - Regarding scriptural backing for what I say:

I believe a thorough examination of scripture will confirm the view above. While I have not actually quoted much scripture here, because if It did, I fear nobody today would take the time to read it, I do believe I can substantiate the things I say, with scripture. If you would like to take me on, on any point, please contact me and I will gladly show you from the bible, why I believe what I believe.


EVERYBODY KNOWS (EXTENDED version) contains the the ten commandments. I hope it blesses you in the listening.

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