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Righteousness Apart From Law

Righteousness apart from the law

This is such an important issue in our day, because there is so much deception around righteousness, grace and the law / Torah.

We do not want to be a pharisees and we do not want to be lawless. Both those positions are dangerous. We want to be full of faith and righteousness, keeping God's commands, because of our faith. And all of this is a gift of grace.

So lets begin by getting our hearts in the right place

Jesus told this parable:

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There is a righteousness apart from the Torah, which I love and without which, all men would be doomed to hell. Receiving this justification that we desperately need, starts with a humble, broken for our sin, attitude. God accepts us because of the blood of Yahshua and the beautiful exchange that God made possible through the death of Yahshua on the cross.

We then need to appropriate what we have been given and this is the process of sanctification as God writes his law on our hearts through the spirit. In this spirit we are already righteous, justified and sanctified, because the spirit of Yahshua within us, has made us complete in him, but our flesh has to catch up. If we fail to allow this process, we will remain carnal / fleshy and the risk is lawlessness, which will result in judgement. To think that God will never judge unrighteousness, is compete ignorance of the scriptures.

Hell for me, by the way, is the end of any place, where YHWH, creator of heaven and earth, is not allowed to rule. That is why there are pockets of hell all over the earth. God gave man freedom and man often exercises that in self destructive rejection of his creator and his creators lovingly given laws.

Yahweh is love and a King who rules his kingdom by righteousness, (which is the keeping of Torah and the Words of Yahshua). Where he is not ruling, there will be cruelty, hatred and confusion. Who wants to live forever in a world where madman plow into innocent people and corrupt governments rule for greed, power and money. Where justice is perverted, where children are trafficked and men and woman lose hope of having their needs met. This is planet earth, without Yahweh and without Yahshua to save them. The more Yahweh and his commandments are ignored, the more the earth will stumble like a drunken man in their lawlessness. The church of Jesus Christ, will be judged for their lawlessness also, if they misunderstand righteousness by faith. Righteousness does not sin, is not lawless. We must walk in the light as he is in the light and if we fail, we must REPENT and the blood of our saviour will cleanse us from all unrighteousness, so we can again walk in the light like a spotless bride, awaiting the arrival of the groom.

But I will say it again.

I love the righteousness of God that is given apart from the Torah, to whosoever will believe and receive it, because without it, all men would be without hope, doomed to hell for breaking the Torah.

But now false shepherds, who know not the truth, teach men to break God’s laws and we live in a world governed by a spirit of lawlessness. This is the spirit of the anti-Christ.

Yahshua did not come to earth to do away with the Torah, but to fulfil it. He came to write it on our hearts. He died for us, while we were yet sinners, fulfilling the Torah for us, that we, by receiving this grace, would also inherit the spirit of Yahweh. This is the same spirit that fully dwelt in Yahshua, the son of man, who was therefore able to keep and to fulfil the Torah for us, so that we, having the Torah written on our hearts may also keep it, not by the power of our will, but by the power of His ruach (spirit) breathed into us. When God made man he breathed his spirit into man, who then became a LIVING SOUL. But when man sinned, the ruach, that Yahweh had breathed into man, he now took away and in dying spiritually, man was condemned to die physically. Yet while our mortal contaminated flesh is doomed to die, because all men have fallen short of Yahweh’s glory, we are not without hope. By His righteousness, given freely to the one who believes, we receive the a regenerated spirit, which cries “Abba”, “Father” in adoption and which is able, by the gift of faith it brings, to keep the Torah. If now we fail, we also have an advocate with the Father, Yahshua, who pleads for us, so that we can be secure and unafraid, get up and keep the Torah again. We can live like a spotless bride, awaiting the return of the bridegroom, Yahshua who is coming to fetch us, instead of like a spotted and blemished one, who does not care if her white garment is dragged through the mud on the way to the ceremony.

How foolish we have been, to be deceived into thinking, that lawlessness is God’s new freedom in Christ. That is the doctrine of demons and will lead to wrath of God. Well does Paul himself, whom so many falsely use to support their diabolical doctrines of licentiousness say:


Woe to those who think that by trying to keep the Torah, by dead works, apart from Yahshua the Messiah, they will please God. They are as doomed to destruction, for outside of faith in the blood of Yeshua, no flesh will be justified or able to please him, but they will remain under his wrath. There is no peace for the wicked.


I hope you will leave a comment, whether in agreement or not. Lets be Bereans. Test the truth of all things against the word and by debate.

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