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Verse of the day - 2 May 2020

This may just seem like an old familiar verse... like the picture above. A path in my garden, but suddenly something jumps out and catches your attention. It is called a Rhema word, when this happens while you read the bible.

Psalm 119:105 KJV Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

However, if you ever take the trouble to read this Psalm, you will know that it is all about the writer's love for God's laws, precepts and commandments. Something that for those, who do not really know their father, will not fully understand. We are so attuned to thinking that laws are somehow against us. And yet we understand them in rugby and music, and so many other areas of life. Obedience to the laws of nature, can save you from death. Such are the laws of a loving Father. They are designed to give life and blessing to those who love them. David, Kind Israel, knew this, perhaps from experience.

Father, forgive us, for not taking time to get to know you. For not even reading your great love letter fully through. You word is a lamp unto our feet. We need it more than ever now. Please help, showing us great and wonderful things that we do not know.

Listen to Amy Grant sing They word is lamp unto my feet...

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