Off the album Lift Your Head Up

by Raven Rain

You can listen to the song below as you read the lyrics here

It was late at night or morning

And the midnight sun was yawning

When I went outside to take a picture of the water

She was standing on the corner 

I could see she was a foreigner

She said: "Would you like a girl for the night?"

I said: "Not tonight thanks, not tonight?"

Don't you know my pride wouldn't let it come out right.

But later, when the spirit starts to move

I go right back there
I say: "I really care. Are you happy?"

Suddenly a man steps out of the crates

And I wonder what is happening now
He comes in close 

I mean face to face
And I wonder what is happening now

Then he bends down

Smacks the black "mac" with this finger
Says: "This is really really, not that God up there"

But later, when the spirit starts to move
The big man brakes down

I put my arms around that burly sailor


The story behind the song

I was the time of the midnight son. I left my wife in the hotel to go and take a picture over the water. It was quite icy. Being midnight, nobody was about, as I walked along the still dock area, not far from our hotel. I was making my way to the water and turned a corner and there she was. A solitary woman standing up against the wooden slats of the ship yard building.


"Would you like a girl for the night?" She asked. It was a soft apeal. Perhaps I did not want to hurt her feelings, I do not know, but for a married believer, my response was inapropriate. "Not tonight", I said. "Not tonight" - I guess there are many like me. You want to do what is right, but your flesh overpowers you. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth doth speak! 

"What do you mean, not tonight?" It was the voice of my concience. It was the question of my God. It did not condemn, but neither did he accept my careless words. I felt like Adam in the garden. My cover was insufficient. "I want you to go back and talk to her when you have taken your photograph." "OK" I replied. "I will".

On my return I asked a simply question. "Are you happy?" I said to the woman. "Yes I am happy" she said, but it came out without conviction and I felt she could not be happy, while also doing what she was doing. "Are you really happy", I asked again.

Suddenly I heard movement some way behind me. I turned. "Of course she's happy". It was a strong and threatening voice. The man began moving towards us. He was drinking from a half jack and I measured the distance to the Hotel. I could outrun him, if I need to, I thought. But something, something like God, held me to the spot. I felt a calm that was out of character and I did not move. He came in close. Too close. Then he bent down and hit the tarmac with his finger. I heard the sound as it hit the tar, and thought it impressive for a finger. I must have said something about God already, because he exclaimed: "This is what I believe in, not that God up there!" Now I was praying. What do I say God? He went on with gesticulations about children and destended bellies. I knew what He was trying to say. I had seen them on the TV. Children from Ethiopia and Bangladesh. They suffered from such desease, which swells the stomack because of  malnutrition. Somehow I found my mouth and began to respond about a King and his kingdom. It was not God, but man's greed and refusal to listen to God as their king that had caused all this suffering. We could not blame God for our own greed. We must blame ourselves. Something I said hit a chord, because suddenly this large and somewhat inebriated man saw his own sin and began to wheep out loud. He wept so much that I felt compassion and put my arms around him. It was sureal. I was hugging a burly sailor from Bergen whose tatood arms seemed twice the size of my legs. Then suddenly the incredible truth came out. This was not some pimp with some income producing prostitute to watch over. He looked up and smiled. "Meet my wife, h said. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. This woman of the night, was really this man's wife! "Why?" This was all I could intitially say. Was it his greed? Was it really his own sinful addiction had resulted in this horrible situation. 

I did my best to share the truth about a saviour who could help, if only they would let him in.  I like to believe that they really did receive Jesus as saviour that night and I hope that one day, when I walk the streets of the new Jerusalem, I will come across those precious people. Then we will all enjoy a world where God has wiped the tears from our eyes and peace, joy and love will be ours forever. How about you?


Album Cover 
I designed this from two images. I thank Wix Free Images and 180 Street Ministries for their contributions. I love doing something creative and without the right source photos album covers are boring. I like this one, thanks to you.

No idea who took it. I bought it from Wix. Wish I could credit the photographer but have no idea who it was.