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All Music © Gerald Sharp

Unless otherwise stated, music is copyright Gerald Sharp All rights reserved.

About the Album

I cannot wait to live in a world where righteousness dwlells, where Yahshua is king and the New Jerusalem comes down out of heaven adorned as a bride for her husband.
This is the first album I have officially created in around a decade. For  at least 7 years, while I continued to write I had little opportunity to record. I had felt the need to apply for a post as a school teacher at a critical time of my children's lives. It seemed a great sacrifice,  at the time,  but blessings come from obedience. I cannot believe how many have  come as a result. One of these has been the ability to afford a better home studio. I am also trying to play the bass guitar and am enjoying this instrument more and more. It is fun making music again. She's so beautiful refers to Jerusalem or YAH-rushalaim. The city where God has placed his name. (Yah is short for Yahweh) Yahrushalaim, was once the city of Salem. where  Mechizedek, was King and Priest, to whom Abraham paid tithes. Yahshua Hamachiach, (Messiah) came in this priestly order. He will soon come again, no longer as a suffering servant to take away our sin, but to rule from Yahrushalaim with a rod of iron. This is the city of the Great King and them predominant theme of this album

Bernard Voges

Thank you for the lovely photograph of Candace King, making a perfect cover for this album.


Tony Drake

Thanks for the beautiful piano part on "If Only We Would Listen"


Maryke Nell

Thanks for the beautiful piano part on "Who do you think your are".

Candace and Tamiym

Thank you, my beautiful children, for adding your special voices to "Loved with and everlasting love"



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