In order of creation, so feel free to start at the end, because the last song is usually, though not necessarily, my favourite at the time ;) 



Please note that only the first 10 albums are actually complete. The others are works in progress and will likely change. (I do this part time, and I can write, faster than I can record and produce.)

Music has been a passion, since I was a young boy. I saw someone play Fire and Rain on an 12 string at a seaside talent competition and my parents soon bought my my own. I was "born again", not long after and suddenly found God had given me a song writing gift.

The first real album was LIFT YOUR HEAD UP by RAVEN RAIN.  Tony Drake, (now Lightway Music) was the real musician behind the production by Kevin "Caveman" Shirley, back in the 70's . He is now a top LA producer.  


Another special album for me, was ORDINARY MEN EMBRACED. were NICK COETZEE, of RAIN MUSIC, was the real musicianbehind the production of the songs. Clive Harding, (4 Jack and a Jill) owner of Genesis Sound Studio in then "Jo'burg", gave us free studio time to record it and has to date probably been the most widely listened to album,  finding its way all over the world.

Today, I still write a lot,  and produce, as best I can, recording at home. I play mostly acoustic, electric and bass guitar, with some keys,  programming everything else. I take advantage of modern day virtual players, where piano is my favourite. Many songs are written using acoustic guitar or piano, although most often, I hear the beginning of a song, both words and melody, as I wake. It is HIS gift, who gives "songs in the night" and to HIM be the glory, for the least and best of everything HIS grace has given.


I will continue as long as some may listen and probably beyond, for songwriting is a form of worship and catharsis and a way I meditate on scripture.


Please leave comments, of any nature, including constructive criticism. I really appreciate feedback. Thanks.


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