An Ordinary Man Embraced

© 2016 by Gerald Sharp. 

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In order of creation, so feel free to start at the end, because the last song is usually, though not necessarily, my favourite one at the time, ;) 


Please note that only the first 10 albums are actually complete. The others are works in progress and will likely change. (I do this part time, and I can write, faster than I can record and produce.)

Music has been a passion, since I was a young boy. I saw someone play Fire and Rain on an 12 string at a seaside talent competition. My first major album, LIFT YOUR HEAD UP by RAVEN RAIN,  was a musical collaboration with Tony Drake, produced by Kevin Shirley in South Africa, back in the 70's. He is now a top LA producer.  Another special album for me, was ORDINARY MEN EMBRACED. It was also musically a collaboration, this time with NICK COETZEE, of RAIN MUSIC, and also under then name RAVEN RAIN. He also ended up producing mostly Christian music in the US.

Today, I see myself firstly as a songwriter. Then, I try to produce, and so I too am a work in progress, producing my own songs these days, which has suited my pocket better, as a school teacher. I play mostly acoustic, electric and bass guitars, and with some keys, mostly  programming everything else, taking advantage of modern day virtual players. I pray and do my best to produce that which I would like to listen to, in the hopes some, like you, may like it too. Music is a great medium to convey thoughts that others may otherwise never consider. For this reason, I will continue as long as some may listen. lPlease leave comments, of any nature, including how I might improve. I always so appreciate feedback. Thanks.


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