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About the Album

The song, Raven Rain, was initially written in 1985. The meaning of Raven Rain was simple: Black (meaning severe) suffering.  The song was a call to Africa, to turn to God in their suffering and to all who has this hope,  to carry the Good News of the Kingdom to all who were suffering and in need of a saviour.  When your enemies are too big, look up. It really is the only hope you have. And those who sincerely do, find that our creator is alive and cares and that his own blood has and will always speak louder than the blood of men or of bulls and goats.


I hope that this album will speak to every heart that suffers and bring hope, even in a world, which by denying it's creator and saviour, is busy self-destructing.

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All my springs are in Yahushua. Thank you. 

Thank you Tony Drake, for your major part in the arrangement of Love and Forgiveness, so many years ago now. I hope you and others enjoy the finished product and that we can perhaps put a full album together here in time.

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