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Amari, Phuket, Thailand
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My Photography Story

I joined the Bishop's High School Photographic Club. My parents gave me a Pentax Single Lens Reflex, so I could enter the competition. During the holiday, we went to my grandfather's farm. I built a hide out of sackcloth and hid in it, in the bushes, to get the perfect shot. On our return to Cape Town, I carefully developed it on A4 photographic paper. I used my mother's washroom, blacked out, as a developer darkroom. (That gives my age away).  What joy and surprise, when my "bird" won gold!  But soon I lost interest and devoting most of my spare time to songwriting and recording music.

In 2015 my old hobby revived with a passion and a miracle camera!

My wife asked me if we could go to Thailand to hook up with our daughter. She was returning from a trip to visit her grandfather in Australia. We would meet in Singapore and spend a week in Phuket and Bangkok. Neither of us had been out of South Africa, for very many years, so it was a big deal. Standing in Tygervalley shopping centre, literally the day before we were due to leave, I told my wife, that we needed a descent camera, and on a whim, shot off  to Cameraland. As I drove, with precious little cash to spare, I started talking to God about how I thought R2500 was about the max I could afford. I was sure that I heard him say to me, that for the Camera I would be happy with, I would have to spend R3000. With that in mind, I entered and engaged the salesman. To my horror, after I explained what I was looking for, absolutely nothing was even close to R3000. Eventually, realising my predicament, he suggested we look at the 2nd hand options. He pulled out a Nikon 5100, with a standard lens, which again, turned out to be well over budget. That is when my heart hung on in faith, to the words I had heard.  I announced that all I could offer was R3000. We stared at each other for a while and then suddenly the salesman decided to go and look up what they had paid for the camera and lens. To my absolute joy, he returned and announced that they would accept my offer. I have also at times had the benefit of a 55 to 200 lens, which belongs to my daughter. These days the photography has taken a back seat again. After all, there just so many awesome pictures out there and brilliant cameras, and so if I do take pictures now it is usually on my phone. But hey, I think there are a few things you may enjoy seeing here. To see the best, I do demand a sign up, not wanting to share more personal shots of people, especially,  to the general public.

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