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Hi I am thrilled to share a new video with you that is based upon Matthew 5. We are living in troubled times! It is so important that we understand what the will of our Father is. There is no better place to find this than in relationship to Him and especially around His written word. "My words," he said, "are spirit and life." Yeshua used the Word to combat the temptations of the Devil. As a result, He never used the power He had in a fleshy way. I have learned over the years that a battle in the flesh, is a battle lost! I encourage you to hear His words in this song and read the related scripture for yourself. His words will really help protect us in this time that will also call for patience. See Rev 14:12. "This calls for the patience of the saints ..." We must war in the spirit, rather than in the flesh. And yes, we must even love our enemies! You can click the picture above for the video. A download of the song is available for free from the album page on this website here:

Come Out. Thank you for subscribing. Gerald Like a bird in a tree

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