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Let Him Kiss Me - Song 1 1-8

I thank all who follow this channel and hopefully also share the songs I write for the body of Messiah. I have added a new song to this Worship album, that comes from the Song of Songs, otherwise known as The Song of Solomon.

Some may know that in the late eighties I took a 24 piece musical dance drama to the UK that attempted to reveal exciting truths from this book. The song of King Solomon and his Shulamite, at least in my understanding, layers a fleshy poem of the King with an extraordinary prophetic content that relates to our Messiah and his faithful remnant bride. So, for me, it was lovely to revisit Chapter 1 and vs 1 -8 of this wonderful song today. The King is coming for a bride who must be waiting, or she will certainly not be his bride. This is clear from the Nazarene bride, whose husband-to-be would leave her to go and prepare a house for her. (That should sound familiar from the teaching of Yeshua.) On his return, she was to have her lamp filled with oil and when he would see it in her window, he would know she was still waiting and longing for him, whom she had now not seen since their engagement. He would blow the shofar and she would come out with joy to meet him and off they would go to the marriage feast. But if she was not ready, that was the end of the engagement! She was left behind never to enjoy the intimacy she may have once desired when she initially said "Yes". A sobering thought, especially when considered in the light of Messiah and the parable of the wise and foolish virgins, as told by Yeshua himself.

The verse I want to highlight relates to the kisses of His mouth! Song of Songs Chapter 1 verse 2. "Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth - for your love is more delightful than wine." Though for the Shulamite, this was clearly a hunger for then sensual kiss and embrace of her beloved Solomon, (and though nothing is wrong with that), in the spirit, this is to me, as far as the spiritual "layer" goes, rather referring to the Rhema words of Messiah's mouth, which are like kisses. The expectant bride cannot wait for his return and longs continually for deeper intimacy. When Messiah teaches his bride His word, such revelations are intoxicating. They are better than wine. They are in fact like effervescent wine. Like champagne. (Check out the original words in Hebrew using Strong's Concordance.) Hopefully, you will also enjoy meditating on His word, as you listen to this song.


Regarding listening. I recommend headphones because I mostly mix on them. Most mobile phones, just cannot cope well with lower frequencies, so if you want to enjoy a more immersive experience, where you can actually hear the bass for example, then use headphones or quality speakers.

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