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A Huge Thank you.


I really so appreciate you. 


All I ask is that you pray and give accordingly.
You could also say thank you by supporting one of my favourite charities below
Please let me know what you have done, by sending a message from the messenger in the footer, so I can say thank you. (No sensitive detail. Messenger may not be secure.) 

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Nexus Mission

CHINA TO THE WORLD. God set me up to meet a chinese missionary some time back. These people really endure great hardship and often put their lives at risk to reach people, most cannot get near, with the truth that can set these hungry people free. One chinese missionary said: "The opposite of love is not hate, but indefference". We must not be. I have embedded their website below and added just one of many videos off the site give insight into their work. Thank you for helping them.

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