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About the Album

Pray with me and this album will be filled with songs that honour our creator and saviour.

The feast of trumpets, has not yet been fullfilled! This first track on this new album, is a celebration of the soon and coming King. This time he returns, not as the suffering servant to remove sins, but as our King to rule the earth. Should Christians, especially at this time, in these last of the last days, not seriously be looking into the biblical feasts? I think we should. 


I am so grateful to you, my heavenly Father. To you YHWH, and You Yahshua our saviour belong the honour and glory, for without you we would have no life, let alone gifts. You give me reason also to be creative. And truthfully, if I am successful in any way, it is because I ask you to help me in everything I do. And I stand amazed again and again, as you take me beyond myself. Keep doing it Father, for I long to share the beauty and immenseness of who you are, with others.

TONY DRAKE. Thank you for your wonderful arrangement "Come let us go up". I love it.

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