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Awaken the Seed

Raven Rain

About the Album

Nick Coetzee created an award wining intrumental album called Harvest around 1991. You should be able to get a copy off his Rain Music website. He sent it to me. At the time my life was absolutely crazy. I was going through my first divorce and completely shattered. I could hardly get out of bed in the mornings, but was singing and part time managing a restaraunt in Stellenbosch. I would leave Cape Town, Southern Suburbs, feeling like I could not work and certainly was unable to sing. I was so depressed. With absoloute determination I would fight against the darkness that was trying to overwhelm my soul and "put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness", as the scripture teaches us to do. I would feel like my praise was hitting the ceiling of the car and bouncing, mockingly, back at me. Then boom, the breakthrough would come! In that time I wrote and over a two day period recorded, what I called then Rain Before Harvest. I did not multitrack but sang and played guitar directly onto DAT tape. It was passionate stuff and I hope you can hear and feel it. I have tweeked the tracks a bit and repackaged it here as Awaken The Seed. Nick would have preferred to have remixed and produced these songs specifically.  I like it a lot though and hope you will give it the thumbs up. 

Vocal Song and Lead Guitar Gerald Sharp

Award winning "Harvest" Instrumental used as backtrack by Nick Coetzee of Rain Music

All music and lyrics © Gerald Sharp © Nick Coetzee respectively

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